Welcome to CoreBNB Hyper defination Innovative Staking! $CBN -BSC Token


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Profit from the CoreBNB main ecosystem.
Gain broad and diversified exposure to the CoreBNB ecosystem through the purchase of a single index token.


CoreBNB DAO is the DAO that develops and governs index products such as the  CoreBNB Index.

The DAO aims to: 

1. Simplify participation in the CoreBNB ecosystem or institutions, whales, and retail.

2. Always provide value to its users, and members of the CoreBNB ecosystem.
3. Grow the protocol to become self-sustaining.  

Contributing to the DAO

Users can contribute to the DAO by:

1. Buying and locking the . This locked $CBN will grant the locker token utilities.
2. Contributing to DAO working groups. 


Deflationary Token Flywheel


A user who purchases and locks CBN can earn idxCBX. Similarly, a user who purchases and stakes idxCBX can earn CBN. This creates tokenomics that are sustainable and deflationary.

Locked $CBN  earns idxCBX from fee distributions. Staked idxCBX earns CBN rewards.

Users buy CBN.
Users lock CBN to earn vlCBX. This reduces the circulating supply.
Users earn idxCBN from fee distribution.
Users stake idxCBX to earn CBN.
Users lock their newly earned CBN to repeat the cycle.

vlCBN Token Utilities


Fee Distribution

1. The CoreBNB Index collects a 15% fee on harvested rewards as the main revenue stream.
2. A portion of revenue is used to cover protocol expenses such as deployment, staking, harvesting, and claiming.
3. All profits are then distributed to vlCBX holders as 3CBN.*
4. Users can redeem 3CBN for USDC, USDT, or DAI from CoreBNB’s 3pool.

*Once the CoreBNB Index token (idxCBX) is launched, profits will be distributed in idxCBX

Boosted Index Rewards


Once idxCBX is released, vlCBX will boost idxCBX staking rewards.

Users buy idCBX to gain exposure to the CoreBNB Index.
Users buy and lock CBX to earn vlCBX.
Users earn CBX from boosted idxCBX staking rewards.


vlCBX will be used to create and vote on DAO proposals. A soon-to-be-released DAO constitution will define the proposal process.



Maximum Supply

Total Supply is 235,394,101 $CBN.

-Token Utility-

Locking the $CBN token for vlCBN grants access to: 

- Fee distribution. A portion of protocol revenue is distributed to CBN lockers. 
- Governance. Vote to update, change, and revise protocol system parameters. 
- Boosted Index returns. Holding CBN + any CoreBNB Index = increased Index APR!

We designed the CoreBNB DAO tokenomics to foster DAO growth and reward $CBN lockers, those most committed to the long-term vision of the protocol. We set four goals to maximize value for $CBN lockers:

-Encourage and reward DAO participation.
-Encourage CBN buy pressure.
-Encourage locking.
-Decrease sell pressure.




The CoreBNB Index has financial properties that vastly improve the performance of almost any portfolio: 

- Instant portfolio diversification. The CoreBNB Index is comprised of a variety of CoreBNB positions. Purchasing idxCBX grants you exposure to all of the strategies within the index at once.

- Reduced gas fees. Creating a diverse portfolio of CoreBNB Positions yourself would be costly, requiring gas fees for each and every transaction (50+!) the index performs. Instead, a user pays just a single gas fee for purchasing the index token.

- Secure, risk-adjusted strategies. Each active strategy within the index is heavily screened through a rigorous risk assessment process before each capital deployment, saving users the headache of manually vetting strategies before each and every deposit.

- Secure, stable returns. The CoreBNB index favors stable and steady returns over risky degen yields. 

- Low correlation to DeFi blue chips, BTC/ETH, S&P500. This lowers portfolio volatility, even during bearish market conditions. 

- High sharpe ratio. This demonstrates a low-risk portfolio performance with secure and steady returns.  
The CoreBNB Index greatly simplifies and reduces costs vs. DIY’ing a diversified CoreBNB portfolio.


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